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Who we are

Sanus Lifestyle Solutions supports safe and healthy living utilizing technology to allow individuals to age with ease and grace. We assist in enhancing quality of life, keeping you connected to loved ones, monitor health conditions as well as activities of daily living, and wrap this information up in an easy to understand format with real-time notifications. Creating peace of mind, stability, and helping to reduce social isolationism.


The evolution of "Aging in Place"


At Sanus we offer solutions for community based living as well as residential. So as your needs change, we change with you. With over 20 years in senior living and technology we know what works and what doesnt. At Sanus we take the guesswork out of what  technology makes the most sense, and from there we do all of the heavy lifting from programming, to set-up and installation so you can focus on what matters most,
and thats actual care for your loved one.


With Sanus you are not alone in's about "us"  

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