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Technology for Communities

What makes your community different? Can technology play a role? Allow Sanus to do a complimentary evaluation of your current technology usage and then create a technology plan that can address key performance indicators from resident safety, staff retention, accountability, standardization & best practices, and monitor critical data sets to allow you to
predict events before they occur. 


The customized technology program for your community will allow you to market yourself more effectively, but will create better resident engagement and acceleration to occupancy.

Technology for Residential

The national average for seniors 65 years and older that live home alone is 26% according to Pew Research Center. 


One size does not fit all!


People deserve affordable solutions to safely age in their homes as long as they like or until they decide to take the next step in the continuum of care. 


Sanus will work with you and your circle of care to provide a solution customized to your specific care plan. We offer wearable and passive monitoring solutions, as well as cognitive tools that can be utilized in the home if memory care is part of your specific plan.


It's all about education


When it comes to technology and how it can help most people don't know, what they don't know. We've already done all of the heavy lifting and with our CAPS I/II (certified aging in place) designation we can make recommendations designed specifically for you!

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