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Discharge Services

If you find yourself being discharge from a hospital of rehab stay you'll typically have additional needs that will require additional assistance 



Telehealth uses technology to allow patients the ability to access their care physician and manage their health vitals so their doctor can stay informed of their progress. Telehealth allows you to talk to your doctor live, utilize remote patient monitoring, and send and receive secure messages from your physician.


EVV (electronic visit verification)

Electronic visit verification utilizes technology to verify care provider visits for personal or home health care services. The data collected during visits includes the date of service provided, the start time and end time for service provided, the type of health care service performed, the location of the service provided and information about the service provider.


EVV supplies a modern way for care providers to record their field activities. Using a technology device, providers log their visit using an app or voice call, items included are accurate location information, the type of service provided as well as duration of service. Caregivers can also use their EVV system to access the most up-to-date patient health data, resulting in better care for clients.


Care plan compliance

Upon discharge, individuals will have a care plan in place to ensure a successful recovery, and aid in successful outcomes and reduce chances of readmission. With real-time health vitals monitoring and medication management 


We also offer technology to manage the following as well:

- Remote patient monitoring

- Fall detection

- Wander management

- Connectivity to your circle of care 24/7

- Nutrition management

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