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Engagement Kits

Personalized Engagement Kits

Whether our client is a family member/ spouse caregiver or a professional Home Care provider, finding the time to carefully plan engagements for the loved one/client is a challenge. Coordinating home care is complex and time consuming in itself. One must schedule caregivers, manage all personal care, over-see/ administer medications, the home must be cleaned, meals planned and made, clothing washed, bed made, travel to medical and other appointments arranged. All in all it can be a daunting challenge. Home Care agencies must also recruit, train and staff for multiple clients. Once in the clients home, the caregiver must wear multiple hats providing care, companionship, manage safety concerns, housekeeping and chauffeuring services with little time remaining to plan engagements to do with the client or loved one.

Lifestyle at Home can do this challenging task for you. We conduct a personal history & interest profile for each client to determine which engagements will be purposeful, fun and meaningful to the individual client. We then design a fully comprehensive engagement program, purchase and ship all needed supplies along with detailed instruction or video (links) directly to the clients home. The engagement kits arrive ready to use for the caregiver.


MONTHLY/ WEEKLY Engagement kits are available. Setup Appointment


In addition to making engagements with a loved one fun and stress free, engagements provided are those that will promote better physical, cognitive, psycho/social wellbeing for the client/loved one. Good home care is crucial but being sure the individual is engaged in a dignified and meaningful manner, one that makes life fun and boosts self-esteem is VITAL. Engagement kit categories include:


  • Physical Engagements: Chair Tai Chi, Balloon volley ball, resistance bands, weighed balls, bean bag toss, sport theme exercises, Dance (even in a wheelchair) and more….

  • Digital/Brain Health:  Digital & print brain health programs to help support brain health. These engagements are intended to keep the brain firing neurons. Digital ap (Brain HQ) Passive activity like TV watching is great for relaxation and fun but our brains don’t continue to process, fire neurons and make connections. This engagement helps the brain stay better fit.

  • Music/Song Therapy: Nothing takes us back in time more effectively than music. We personalize a music program for your client to enjoy. Whether to inspire, motivate, reminisce or to relax, music is fun and meaningful!

  • Stress Reduction/Relaxation: Research has demonstrated that reducing stress is critical to good physical and mental well-being. The impact of unchecked stress results in body and mind breakdown. We provide programs that combat stress: Aromatherapy, guided meditation, art therapy, pet/texture therapy, relaxation music, lavender scented hand massages and more…

  • Nature/Nurture Engagements: “Biophilia”: Erick Fromm, psychoanalyst of the 1960’s & author Edward Olson (1984) introduced the idea that “humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life”. Our program seeks to help keep the client/loved one connected with nature and other living beings through engagements that include: Horticulture, floral, pet therapy, exposure to natural lighting, walking/sitting in nature, bird watching, nature sound music, nature films, natural “sensory” engagements…

  • Creative Club: “Creating” begets purpose and self-esteem. Our creative engagements are more than making refrigerator magnets out of popsicle sticks. We design adult/dignified art projects, wood working, poetry/journal writing, adult coloring books, sun catcher’s, decorative pottery and more…

  • Game Day Engagements: Sports event enjoyment for men & women alike. “Theme day. Sporting attire, hat, tailgate food favorites, sport themed activities, cheering on your favorite team. Football/baseball/golf bean bag toss. Kentucky Derby party (watch the races, wearing hats decorated from Creative engagements, mint julip drink…

  • Soul/Spirit Engagements: This is a highly personalized engagement that supports the individuals chosen expression of spirit/SOUL. This can be connecting with nature, writing in a gratitude journal, watching Mass celebrated on TV/video, watching a religious theme film, saying a rosary, reading from the Bible/Koran or scripture of choice or simply listening to religious music like a Gospel CD.

Our founders have a combined 35 years of experience in senior living, healthcare, activity planning and program implementation. We employ Dementia Care Certified consultants with extensive experience in memory care to provide engagements for persons with memory impairing disease at any stage. We can design personal engagement programs that can increase purposeful living and enhance self-esteem and quality of life.


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